Saturday, June 9, 2007

An "Initial Impression" Overview of the Group

I’ve spend the last 24 hours meeting the other people who I’ll be spending the summer with. Here’s the list of names, universities, and “status” of each individual – along with my some extra info I’ve learned about each of them:

Naheed Ahmed - James Madison University (Recent *under*graduate - Anthropology)
Naheed grew up in Fairfax county and her parents are Bangladeshi, though they’ve lived here the majority of their lives. Her primary focus is on her cultural heritage – as well as the fact that her undergraduate degree focused on South Asian Studies.

Samantha Christiansen - Northeastern University (Graduate - History)
Sam lives in Boston, is married, and has a four year old son named Atticus (after Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird”). She is a PhD student who is writing her dissertation about student involvement in the 1971 Bangladeshi Liberation war.

Megan Cohen - Brown University (Recent *under*graduate - Anthropology)
After the summer program, Megan is staying in Bangladesh until January – doing an unpaid internship with BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee).

Alex Dodson - University of Texas at Austin (Graduate - Anthropology)
Alex showed up to orientation with his wife and very literally newborn baby. He also has a 7-year-old son. He was previously in the Peace Corp in Bangladesh, and is writing his thesis on the disenfranchisement of tribal Bangladeshis living in the Chittagong Hill Tract region.

Anne Friedman - Brown University (Recent *under*graduate - Sociology)
Anne plans to get her Master’s in social work, but her primary interest in Bangladesh is feminist outreach and microcredit in developing countries.

Karen Frost - Mount Holyoke College (Undergraduate - Asian Studies)
Karen did the beginner program last year, and is returning this year for the intermediate program.

Diana Hochner - Temple University (Recent *under*graduate - Anthropology)
Wants to study microcredit in the place where it began.

Kira Krown - University of Wisconsin, Madison (Undergraduate - Asian Studies)
Kira did the beginner program last year, and is returning this year for the intermediate program.

Jennifer McFadden - Georgetown University (Graduate - Linguistics)
Jennifer did the beginner program last year, and is returning this year for the intermediate program.

Katherine Meck - American University (Recent *under*graduate - International Affairs/Relations)
Kate wants to study microcredit in the place where it began.

Noelle Miller - University of Southern California (Undergraduate - Anthropology)
Noelle is majoring in anthropology and film, and plans to make a movie about her experience in Bangladesh.

Luke Murphy - Yale University (Undergraduate – Humanities)
No details available.

Thomas Neal - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Undergraduate - Linguistics)
No details available.

Sabrina Rahman - Columbia University (Graduate - International Affairs/Relations)
Sabrina’s parents are both Bangladeshi, and in addition to its relevance to her major, she wants to learn about her parents language and culture.

Ann Marie Spencer - George Washington University (Recent Graduate - Economics)
Annie is another one interested in microcredit.

Christiana Thanos - Columbia University (Graduate - Social work)
Christiana worked in an orphanage in a Bengali speaking area of India last year, and plans to return there throughout her life, which is why she wants to know the language.

Out of 10,400 applicants, I still wonder how I made it into this group… as I don’t have a similar background to any of these people. They’re all very “academic,” which makes me a little uncomfortable. They’re all talking about their next degree or their Fullbright applications… Meanwhile, I’m all, “Yeah, I’ll finish my Master’s when I get around to it…” Fortunately, my self-confidence is pretty unshakable, so I’m sure I’ll survive – even if they all think I’m a slacker :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey There,
You are not a slacker! I am proud of you:)


Sara said...

You are not a slacker!

You wowed the people who matter or you would not be there.

Are they uppity since they are academically smart? I want more details. :)

How was the plane ride?

Miss you!

Sara aka Winchie-poo

tstover said...

You R NO slacker!!!! U R a work-aholic! The others may be making themselves out to be something they really aren't, you R way to real to do that. You'll be ambassador to some SE Asian country one day (please set the State Dept straight on adotions!) and THEY will be begging for an admin job from YOU!
take care, lovs ya, been thinking about you ALL weekend!

Jo Ann said...

OH Please, knowing you they are lucky to have you with them!!!! I miss you lady but can't wait to hear more, I will be reading. Taking care of yourself and keep safe.
Jo Ann

Jo Ann said...

Oh Please!!!!!!!!Slacker, not hardly. They are so lucky you are part of the group. I miss you dreadfully and hope your having a blast. Take care and stay safe. I will be reading.
Jo Ann

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